[April 3rd] Hanoi most expensive locality in Vietnam

Hanoi has the highest living costs in Vietnam, followed by HCMC, according to the 2023 Spatial Cost of Living Index announced by the General Statistics Office.

Compared to Hanoi, HCMC’s cost of living is less as some of its goods and services have lower average prices, such as clothing, hats and shoes, which are 82% of the price in Hanoi.

Tourism and entertainment prices in HCMC are also at only 91.8% compared to Hanoi; with food and beverages and household equipment around 5% cheaper.

Besides ample supplies of goods, HCMC also organizes sources of supply and demand better, making the prices of necessities lower than in Hanoi.

However, the southern metropolis does have certain categories of goods and services that are more expensive than in Hanoi, such as education and cigarettes, which are about 15% more expensive.

Quang Ninh is the third costliest locality due to its status as a tourism and economic center in the north.

Active economic activities in the coastal locality mean some of its services would be more expensive than in other regions.

Hai Phong is ranked fourth, with prices at 96% of Hanoi’s. It is followed by Binh Duong, with costs at 94.2% compared to the capital.

Source: VN Express