[December 16th] Foreigners teaching English in Vietnam required to get training certificates

The Ministry of Education and Training has issued a decision promulgating a training and certificate granting program for foreigners teaching English at foreign language and information technology centers in Vietnam.

This program aims to train and issue English teaching certificates to foreigners, including native speakers (English language) with a college degree or higher, foreigners with a college degree in English language or higher, foreigners with a college degree or higher and a foreign language proficiency certificate of level 5 or higher in accordance with Vietnam’s 6-level foreign language competency framework or equivalent.

It also helps trainees develop English teaching skills effectively and flexibly, and in accordance with the culture and context of Vietnam, thus meeting training and training certificate granting needs, and contributing to ensuring the quality of English teaching at foreign language centers, and foreign language and information technology centers.

After completing the training program, trainees need to meet the English teaching competency requirements at these centers through applying knowledge, methods and approaches in teaching English language; and analyzing, evaluating, and adjusting contents and methods to suit learners, culture, and the context of teaching and learning English language in Vietnam.

The training program includes 10 topics on knowledge, methods and skills and one internship period with a duration of 160 lessons (45 minutes each).

Source: VN Express