[December 2nd] Monthong durian prices jump on Chinese demand

The prices of monthong, a Thai durian variety that is also grown in Vietnam, have surged by 30% this month to VND150,000 ($6.19) per kilogram.

In the Mekong Delta and Central Highlands durian prices have shot up last week, with monthong making the most gains.

The highest quality monthong durians, weighing two to five kilograms, now cost VND150,000 per kilogram, 60% higher than during the fruiting season.

Ri6 durian prices have risen by 10% this month to VND120,000, 25% higher than seasonal rates.

The price hikes are making farmers happy.

“After paying all costs, I am are left with VND800 million, the highest profit ever,” said Hau in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang who recently sold all his off-season durian on his 0.5-hectare farm.

Hoang, a farmer in Can Tho City, said many traders want to place an advance of 40% now as against 10% normally to buy his harvest.

Traders attributed the price jump to surging demand in China and the low off-season supply.

Dang Manh Khuong, a trader in Can Tho, said Thai farmers are struggling with unfavorable weather, and so the Chinese are buying from Vietnam, driving up prices.

Vietnam’s durian exports are set to reach a record US$2.5 billion this year, six times last year’s figure, according to the Vietnam Fruits & Vegetables Association.

Source: VN Express