[January 16th] HCMC police running out of space for seized vehicles

Car and motorbikes seized during recent crackdowns on drunk driving in HCMC have worsened the police’s parking space woes.

Colonel Le Manh Ha of the city police said at a press conference on Thursday that nearly 155,000 vehicles were seized in 2023.

Since the fines for drunk drinking are high, sometimes more than the value of a motorbike itself, many violators just abandon their vehicles instead of paying up.

The HCMC traffic police department now has a shortfall of 10,000 square meters to store the vehicles, and in some places keep them inside the office.

In many districts across the city, parking lots are overloaded and face the threat of fires and explosions.

Drivers found with any amount of alcohol will be fined in Vietnam. Under current regulations, alcohol concentration of more than 80mg/100 ml of blood or 0.4mg/l of breath attracts the highest fines of VND30-VND40 million ($1,293-$1,724). Drunk driving invites criminal prosecution when it causes accidents or other consequences.

Source: VN Express