[June 12th] Thai red date prices up 15% on scanty imports

Red dates imported from Thailand are being sold at VND500,000-700,000 (US$19.66-27.52) per kilogram in HCMC, up 15% from last year due to low supply.

Date lover Hoang Lan of District 5 has switched from South African and Indian dates to the Thai variety this year.

She said: “I find them tastier than the ones from South Africa. They are fresher due to the shorter transportation distance.”

Thanh, the owner of a fruit shop in District 1, said Thai red dates were imported in low volumes this year, causing prices to rise.

“Though they are more expensive, consumers are still willing to spend money for their superior quality. Many even buy large boxes of them as gifts.”

The fruit’s main harvest is from May to September, and so prices are expected to soar to VND1 million later in the year, fruit wholesalers said.

Thanh said while the fruit is also grown in some parts of Vietnam, the local variety is smaller than Thai imports, making them less popular.

Originating in the Middle East, dates are red or light yellow, rich in vitamins A, K and B2 and iron and considered highly beneficial for health.

Source: VN Express