[March 8th] Mongolia gives visa exemption for Vietnamese visitors

Vietnamese visitors traveling to Mongolia for stays of up to 30 days no longer require a visa starting from March 7.

Mongolia’s foreign affairs ministry website has added Vietnam to the list of countries eligible for visa-free entry, effective from March 7 with a maximum travel period of 30 days, extending until the end of 2025.

Previously, Vietnamese visitors to Mongolia were required to obtain either a regular visa, with a processing time of five to seven working days, or an e-visa, processed within three days, costing $25, plus additional charges.

Zolo Zolkhuu, a Mongolia tour guide specializing in Vietnamese tours, told VnExpress that although applying for a Mongolian visa was not difficult, many Vietnamese tourists avoid researching the process and prefer visa-free destinations.

“We anticipate an increase in Vietnamese visitors,” Zolo said.

Mongolia offers visa-free access to citizens of 64 countries and territories, including Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

Source: VN Express