[November 23rd] 2024 Honda Dream arrives from Cambodia

A motorbike dealer has just imported a batch of the latest model of the Honda Dream, an iconic vehicle that was all the craze a few decades ago.

Previously the bike used to sell for VND100 million (US$3,970), while the new one is marked at $2,500 in Cambodia, from where they are imported.

The Dream was a classic vehicle near and dear to many generations of Vietnamese, but was discontinued long ago in many countries, leaving Cambodia the sole manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

The 2024 model retains its nostalgic long, sleek body with the name “Dream” etched right beneath its rear seat handle. However, the traditional square panels are replaced with more low-key rounded ones, a design choice that does not sit well with the majority of Vietnamese bike enthusiasts due to the striking similarity to SYM motorbikes.

The Dream utilizes a combination of imported and locally produced parts.

Honda and Yamaha are the two largest imported motorbike brands.

Some dealers speculate that the new Dream, like the previous Wave 125i imported from Thailand, will fetch a hefty VND80 million, twice the price of similar models assembled locally.

With a barely noticeable difference in horsepower, technology or design priced like a premium automatic or performance motorcycle, the 2024 Honda Dream will have a hard time attracting young customers who usually lean toward sleek and modern designs.

It will likely only attract wealthy collectors nostalgic for the good old days.

Source: VN Express