[November 25th] FPT Retail to enter mobile virtual network market in 2024

FPT Retail, owner of two retail chains, FPT Shop and Long Chau Pharmacy, expects to collaborate with mobile network operator MobiFone to provide mobile virtual network services in 2024.

FPT Retail, an associate of the IT giant FPT, is set to first provide mobile virtual network service to its employees by the end of November, and then to the public by the start of next year, according to the company’s announcement on Wednesday.

Unlike traditional network operators, mobile virtual network operators do not own network infrastructure, opting instead to provide services by buying mobile data at wholesale rates from operators who have the infrastructure and selling them to consumers at retail prices.

Additionally, regulators do not impose many operating limits on mobile virtual network operators, as opposed to the limited licenses that traditional operators get. For consumers, these services are practically identical.

Vietnam now has four mobile virtual network operators, with iTel and Reddi working with mobile network operator Vinaphone, and Local and VnSky working with MobiFone.

Source: VN Express